Xinhai Lab

Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
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Female / Male
House header  floor
2F / 4F
House header  area
90.0 m²

Rental Details

Minimum Stay: 12 months
Rent(NT) size (m²) Available Date
36000 90.0 Available after 2020/12/14

Basic Information

Foreigners are welcome.


Shared room 3 rooms
Bathroom 1 shared bathroom
Balcony 1 Balcony


Rent Monthly rent(NTD): 36000
Deposit Deposit(Month): 2.0
Extra fees
Water fee Water fee
Electricity fee Electricity fee
Gas fee Gas fee
Laundry Laundry
Fridge Fridge
Water heater Water Heater
Natural gas Natural Gas
Kitchen Kitchen
Bed Bed
Closet Closet
Sofa Sofa
Desk Desk
Chair Chair
Fog Smoke Sensors
Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher
House rules
Cooking Cooking Allowed
Parking spot
Motorbike parking spot nearby

About the house

響應2019年台灣同性婚姻平權法案通過,Zuker 祭出慶祝性別友善房源,不只是生活,更是期待人類可以有更美好體貼的生活環境,一同歡慶給予平權支持。
色彩取自過去極具同性象徵意義的彩虹旗八色中被剔除之粉色作主色,橘色為輔做定調,房源中有其他色彩分別是、藍、綠、灰、再以藍色沙發配搭主牆粉橘做對比跳色,進入房源,會看到燈泡小人的存在,牆面上與畫中帶有擷取自Richard Blanco著名的Until we could 詩詞:Love is the right to say: I do I do and Ido…等等,欲知詳情、歡迎來看房喔!
The design of the house is slightly inspired by the rainbow flag. Playing with color and lighting, hoping to provide a vibe with good spirit among housemates. The common area is fairly big for people to hangout. A friendly warning, we do forbid parties and loud gatherings to maintain a peaceful neighborhood.

About the environment

4 minutes away from Taipower Building station, supermarket and convenient stores are all within 5 minutes. NTNU and NTU all in walking distance, and easy transportation to NCCU, NTUT and a lot more. With all the interesting shops and restaurants nearby, this is a wonderful place to stay.