What’s special about share houses?

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Meet people

Prepare to meet roomates all over the world! Backpackers, international students, traveling Soho’s or more could be living next door. Be ready to share yourself and embrace the difference around the globe.

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Fully furnished

These are not ordinary apartments you can find in Taiwan. Every share house is specially designed and furnished by their owner. Some may be simple, but all of it will make you feel like home(we made sure of that!).

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Building life together

Everyone is a part of community, so you make your own house rules. Communicate with your roomates, cook together, have fun and share the joy of life.

Zuker Recommendations

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Wenxiang Lab 

House header  floor 3F / 5F
House header  area 130.0 m²
Shared room 6 rooms
Bathroom 2 shared bathroom
Rent NT8500 ~ NT15000 / Month
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Zhongxiao Xinsheng Lab 

House header  floor 2F / 8F
House header  area 120.0 m²
Shared room 7 rooms
Bathroom 3 shared bathroom
Rent NT6500 ~ NT16000 / Month
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Sanchong Lab 

House header  floor 5F / 6F
House header  area 300.0 m²
Shared room 15 rooms
Bathroom 3 shared bathroom
Rent NT3500 ~ NT10500 / Month
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Anhe Lab 

House header  floor 4F / 4F
House header  area 77.0 m²
Shared room 3 rooms
Bathroom 2 shared bathroom
Rent NT10500 ~ NT14000 / Month