How do I contact the landlord?

While you are browsing a house, there is a "Contact Landlord" butoon in the bottom right corner of the picture section. It will open up a chat box which enable you to directly contact the landlord. The landlord will be notified when you initialize the chat.

Is the online contract valid?

Contracting online is essentially the same as contracting offline. The same requirements have to be fulfilled in order to ensure that the contract is legally binding. These requirements are fairly basic: there must be an agreed set of terms and both parties must intend to enter into a legally binding agreement.

Is the online payment safe?

Zuker uses third party payment "Pay2go" for our online rent payment. You can see all their security efforts through here: https://www.pay2go.com/info/site_description/secure_transaction

Why is there a fee for paying online?

Zuker does not make money from you paying through our system, all the extra fees are paid to the third party payment company.

What if I need a paper document of the contract?

After you have created a contract, you can download it in your profile page.

How do I get into a contract?

When a tenant is ready to rent a place, a tenant can contact the landlord directly. After discussion, the landlord will initialize the contract, then the tenant will be able to read the terms.

How can I exterminate a contract earlier then planned?

In the profile page, you can click on "Early Extermination" to do so. The other party will receive a notification when you request this and have to agree to finalize this decision.

How can I pay rent online?

When you are in a contract, at your profile page there will be a "Pay Now" botton that will link you to the payment gateway.

What should happen when I pay payment offline?

If a tenant has done a payment out of Zuker, the lanlord has to change the status of the rent to "Paid Offline" manually. Only then will the status of the rent payment for the tenant be marked "Paid"

How will the ID be used?

Only when the tenant agree to the terms will the landlord be able to check the tenant's ID, and only after this proccess will the tenant be able to see the landlord's ID.